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Neri is well known for her attention to detail, mastery of the English language, spelling skills, and correct use of grammar. She is most naturally an emotional writer, using storytelling, poetry, humour, and word play to share her thoughts and experiences.

When called for, Neri has a knack for writing both very concisely, and also easily expanding dot points and single sentences to paragraphs, particularly for small businesses needing website content, manuals, documents and any other written work. She considers it a fantastic challenge to edit a 160 word piece down to 100.. and yet still retain the necessary information.

Her imagination and ease of recalling words, synonyms, antonyms and 'alternative ways of saying the same thing', produce excellent results, where the reader experiences the original writer's intended emotions and understanding. Neri can also write in a simple or more complex style, depending on the audience.

Documents for business and other important circumstances:

  • One person is never great at everything. If you know your strengths are not writing clearly, kindly, constructively, or with logical flow, please consider using an editor. Writing with understanding and compassion, even in business, can make all the difference between encouragement, and leaving a staff member anxious and feeling personally judged
  • Dot points to paragraphs, paragraphs to dot points, making things more succinct or expanding ideas
  • Manuals, reports, minutes, persuasive documents, presentations, difficult notices, warnings, dismissals
  • Constructing large amounts of information in a logical format where individual sections are easy to locate, can be more difficult the more attached you are to the information. It can be highly beneficial to allow someone outside the business to step in and arrange the information from an outside perspective
  • If you have an important document, resume, CV, or any writing you would like edited, checked, reduced in word count or expanded, Neri can help you. Writing, storytelling, poetry and grammar come easily, and her word dancing knows no bounds

Emotional writing
The ability to put down on paper what you are thinking or feeling can be difficult. Firstly you need to understand what sits inside, find the right words to accurately represent those thoughts and emotions, and present it with an energy and flow so nothing is lost in the process.

As an intuitive empath Neri can help you find the words, then transmit your feelings and thoughts to paper. If you have a speech, eulogy, difficult letter or just something you want to have for personal reading.. by working together, you can bring what is in your heart out into the light.